Are you tired of spending hours studying, only to forget what you learnt right after your test or exam? Are you frustrated with the pandemic limiting your access to lectures and facilitators?

Now, imagine you had 24-hour access to a powerful study aid that gives you bite-sized video lessons designed by top tutors, continuously measures your knowledge levels, and reminds you what content to repeat and when.

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First Year: A2

First Year: A1

Second Year: A2

Accelerated learning

Our powerful algorithms create a learning journey that is tailored to your knowledge levels, helping you spend less time learning, while also making sure you really master the concepts and accelerate your grades.

We help you identify what you know and don't know. We then keep you accountable by automatically giving you opportunities to repeat content you haven't mastered yet, which helps you increase retention and comprehension.

Access our gamified platform anywhere, anytime, on any device

Quality tutors break down your university subjects into simple, quick, bite-sized modules

Powerful algorithms identify your knowledge gaps and identify the areas you need to focus on

Track your knowledge levels over time, earn points and badges, and compete with your peers for monthly cash prizes and rewards!

We automatically repeat the concepts you need most, helping you decrease the time you spend learning

Multiple award-winning learning methodology used by some of the best companies in the world

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